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National Development Officer, Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) | BRAC Career

National Development Officer, Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) job circular at BRAC Bangladesh

About the job

Location: Cox’s Bazar

Last Date of Application: March 09, 2024

About the Project:

The Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) coordinates the refugee response in Cox’s Bazar (CXB) that is host to over 900,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar residing in 33 camps. In 2022, it comprises of staff from seven organizations who work to coordinate and support over 100 national and international NGOs and UN agencies to (1) work towards the sustainable repatriation of refugees (2) strengthen the protection of refugees (3) deliver life-saving assistance (4) foster the well-being of Bangladeshi host communities and (5) strengthen disaster risk reduction (DRR) and combat climate change.

The ISCG (1) supports inter-sector coordination (2) supports cross cutting issues such as PSEA, humanitarian access, and emergency preparedness and response, external relations and information management (3) supports coordination of activities that are not situated with one specific agency in the response such as skills/livelihoods and development assistance. The ISCG works closely with the Government of Bangladesh in CXB, the nine UN agencies, the numerous international and national NGOs, the sectors and working groups, and the donor community. While transitioning from an emergency to a protracted crisis, this operation is not stagnant but rather, remains vibrant, agile, yet challenging.

The Principal Coordinator of the ISCG (appointed by UNHCR) reports to the co-chairs – UNRC, UNHCR, IOM – of the Strategic Executive Group (SEG). S/he and the team creates strategic linkages between the Sector/Working Group Coordinators Group in CXB, the Heads of Sub-Offices Group (HoSOG) in CXB, and the SEG in Dhaka comprising of UN agencies, NGOs, and donors. The ISCG leads the development of the Joint Response Plan (JRP), in addition to other strategic operational plans and strategies that provide frameworks for operations and engagement. The JRP is pivotal to the coordination of the response, not least to ensure strategic assessments, planning, resource mobilization and reporting.

The Development Unit – a new unit in the ISCG – will strengthen the humanitarian-development efforts in Cox’s Bazar that benefit Bangladeshi and refugee communities. Development investments in Cox’s Bazar have been significant since the beginning of the crisis and will continue to evolve as we move into a protracted refugee crisis. It is critical to ensure robust and strategic development support continues to benefit Bangladeshi and refugee communities and work in tandem with the humanitarian interventions. This includes (1) bilateral development funds that support humanitarian activities inside the camps (2) broader SDG/localization efforts to realize the Cox’s Bazar District Development Plan, and (3) strategies and investments by IFIs such as the World Bank and the ADB. The ISCG Senior Development Coordinator reports to the ISCG Principal Coordinator on a daily basis, and to the UNRC on boarder strategic issues. This will strengthen links between efforts in Cox’s Bazar and the larger SDG and development agenda coordinated by the UNRC.

This position is funded by Global Affairs Canada for a period of two years, supervised by the ISCG Senior Development Coordinator, and administered by BRAC.

As the National Development Officer, you will report directly to the ISCG Senior Development Coordinator in the ISCG Development Cell, under the overall guidance of the Principal Coordinator. The incumbent will primarily support the Senior Development Coordinator in programme coordination, monitoring and fundraising, and stakeholder engagement. S/he will also inform and support the Senior Development Coordinator’s work on providing analysis and advice. A key value added of the incumbent will be in initiating and fostering connections with the local government authorities and with national and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Cox’s Bazar.

Job Description

  • Support the SDC in engaging actively with both the District officials and the Office of the RRRC to support the SDG/localization initiatives especially for Bangladeshi host communities to ensure they benefit from a coherent development response
  • Help with the Coordination, monitoring and assessment of the Cox’s Bazar District Development Framework at regular intervals to harness new emerging opportunities, to anticipate changes to the internal direction and external environment related to the Rohingya refugee response, and to make mid-term adjustments.
  • Support the SDC in a stakeholder mapping to identify existing and planned development initiatives both inside and outside the camps, assess the impact of ongoing initiatives on the Bangladeshi and refugee communities.
  • Assist in advising the humanitarian community especially on how to benefit from development funding as well as ensure that humanitarian and development activities complement each other.
  • Assist in prepare briefing papers and discussion points on issues related to financing for development assistance for consideration by RC/HC and UNCT.
  • Help with researching and developing policy papers, guidance notes and other knowledge based-tools and directs discussion in Cox’s Bazar to help influence and advance policy dialogue at national level.
  • Provide advice and guidance for the production and distribution of external materials to raise awareness about opportunities for working within humanitarian-development nexus and development initiatives.
  • Assist the SDC in working with bilateral development partners, the IFIs, UNDP and other partners engaged in development activities to ensure that key gaps are identified, that priority activities are addressed, identify and assist in developing funding instruments that can ensure the long-term investments especially in the areas of skills and livelihoods, education, energy, food security and protection.
  • Provide support to the development and implementation of the Joint Response Plan in alignment with, and in support of, the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF), as well as sectoral operational planning documents and strategies, in addition to other relevant frameworks.
  • Plan and facilitate the design, formulation, implementation, monitoring and reporting of joint humanitarian and development programmes and processes joint resource mobilization in the Rohingya refugee response.

Safeguarding Responsibilities

  • Ensure the safety of Programme Participants, people who come into contact with the organisation and team members from any harm, abuse, neglect, harassment and exploitation including sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) to achieve the programme’s goals of safeguarding implementation. Act as a key source of support, guidance and expertise on safeguarding for establishing a safe working environment.
  • Practice, promote and endorse the issues of safeguarding policy among team members and ensure the implementation of safeguarding standards in every course of action.
  • Follow the safeguarding reporting procedure in case any reportable incident takes place and encourage others to do so.

Additional Job Requirements

  • Experience with the operations of NGOs, multilaterals, CSOs, CSAs, donor partners.
  • Experience in high coordination and negotiations.
  • Strong attention to detail, problem solving skills
  • Fluency in computer literacy (i.e. Google Suite/ MS Office, Outlook, Internet surfing)
  • Experience in working under pressure.
  • Fluent in English and Bangla written and verbal, including public speaking
  • Experience in handling funds and grants

Educational Requirements

  • Graduation in any discipline preferably in Development Studies.

Experience Requirement

  • Significant experience (minimum 5 years) in working with NGOs operating in Cox’s Bazar or in related fields.

Other Benefits: Festival Bonus, Health and Life Insurance, and others as per policy.

What we offer:

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If you’re excited to take on this exciting role and contribute to BRAC’s mission, please submit your application, including your resume to [email protected] or apply through LinkedIn by March 09, 2024.

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