Rapid Pass (MRT Pass) Registration Form and Process – Metro Rail and Other Services

Rapid Pass (Smart Card) and MRT Pass Registration Form and Process for Metro Rail (MRT-6) and Other Services in Bangladesh

There are two types of form for the passengers of Metro Rail. One is MRT Pass another is Rapid Pass Form. Those are described below with registration fee and process with form.

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Rapid Pass
Rapid Pass

Rapid Pass Vs. MRT Pass

MRT pass card can be used in only metro rail but Raid Pass Smart card can be used in different medium such as metro rail, train, bus etc. where the card is acceptable.

MRT Pass Registration

You can submit the MRT Pass Registration Form after fill up to any metro rail station to get the MRT Pass Card. Currently, Agargaon and Uttara stations are accepting the form. First time registration fee is BDT 200 and Initial Deposit Value is BDT 300. That means you have to pay 500 Tk first time to get the card in which 300 tk can be used during metro rail ticket purchase.

MRT Pass Registration Form Download (PDF)

The MRT Pass Registration has attached below in both image and PDF format.

MRT Pass Registration Form
MRT Pass Registration Form

Download MRT Pass Registration Form (Image)
PDF Link has given below.

Download MRT Pass Registration Form in PDF

Rapid Pass (Smart Card) Registration

This is a smart card that can be used for all modes of public transit (For example: Bus, Train , Metro Rail (MRT-6) Ticket, Ferry etc.). This IC card, like a pre-paid SIM card or debit card, is a pre-paid system.

The following are the benefits of utilizing an IC card:

  •  Passengers are not required to wait in a large line.
  • Passengers are not required to bring cash.
  •  Effective and time-saving.

Rapid Pass (Smart Card) BangladeshRapid Pass (Smart Card) Bangladesh

Download Rapid Pass (Smart Card) Registration Form

The PDF and Image format of Rapid Pass (Smart Card) Registration Form has attached below.Rapid Pass (Smart Card) Registration FormRapid Pass (Smart Card) Registration Form

Rapid Pass Registration Form
Rapid Pass Registration Form

Download Rapid Pass (Smart Card) Registration Form

Use Of Card

  • The card contains monetary value.
  • People can use this card to access DTCA-approved public transportation services like as buses, trains, and ferries.
  • It is quite simple to use. Simply tap in the device (Handy reader writer) before riding, and then press again when you get at your destination. The fare will be automatically debited from the IC card.
  • The device will provide a receipt for the passenger after the second tap. This receipt will include the IC card’s current balance and ticket price.
  • There is no requirement for a cash transaction.
  • Passenger information is sent to a clearing house, where fare payments are cleared.


  • Passengers can get or recharge or reload their Rapid Pass Card at any DBBL branch or Ticket Shop.
  • Users can recharge a maximum of 1,000Tk once. However, the user’s Rapid Pass Card total balance cannot exceed 2,000TK.
  • A user can recharge for minimum of 100 Tk. Furthermore, users will be able to recharge maximum 2,000 TK.


  1. Card Issue Fee/ Registration Fee
    A traveller can get or reload a Rapid Pass card at any DBBL branch or Ticket Shop.
    The issue will necessitate a total of 400 BDT. The initial recharge amount is 200 BDT, and the deposit amount is 200 BDT.
    If the amount is insufficient, you can reload your Rapid Pass at any DBBL bank or Ticket Shop.

    Note: New initial deposit amount is BDT 200 + Card Fee BDT 200 = BDT 400 have to pay during new card purchase.

If you do not intend to use Rapid Pass, you may return your card and your deposit will be returned.

  1. Registration
    In order to preserve your Rapid Pass, you must provide the following information (Name and mobile no.)
    If you do not register, you will be unable to make a claim if your card is lost or destroyed.
    The registration procedure will take at least two working days. In such scenario, you will be unable to make any claims until you have completed the registration procedure.
  2. Negative Worth
    When your balance is insufficient, you can enjoy the negative value feature against your deposit amount.
    The amount will be refunded when you reload your Rapid Pass.
  3. Damage Report
    Bring the damaged card to the DBBL branch or Ticket Shop of your choice. The operator will hand over a fresh IC card with previously saved value to the consumer.
    The user can submit the damaged card to the operator and receive a new card subject to a re-issue fee of Tk. 200. 
  4. Card Lost
    The consumer should provide the operator with the details about the missing registered card. The operator will then give the receipt to the consumer so that he or she can obtain a replacement card with the previously saved amount the following working day.

    The user shall pay the deposit fee of Tk. 200 and reissue fee of Tk. 200 for issuing new card. The operator will transfer the previous balance to newly issued rapid pass card by taking necessary steps.
  5. Policy on Returns
    Bring the card to the appropriate DBBL bank or Ticket Shop and show the operator your registration identity. The operator will then verify the recorded value in the card. The customer’s deposit and saved funds will be repaid.

Purchase of Rapid Pass from Bank

The Rapid Pass Card can be purchased from the following branches and sub-branches of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited.

1. Uttara Sonargaon Township Branch 

2. Uttara branch

 3. Rabindra Sarani Branch 

4. Pallavi branch 

5. Mirpur branch 

6. Mirpur Circle-10 Branch 

7. Ibrahimpur branch 

8. Sheorapara branch 

9. Corporate Branch, Motijheel 

10. Indira Road Branch 

11. Khalpar Sub-Branch, Uttara 

12. Taltala Sub-Branch, Kafrul

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