Chittagong Market Weekly Closed Day and Off Day

Chittagong Market Weekly Closed Day and Off Day

Chattagram formally know as Chittagong is on of the old city in Bangladesh. This city is also known as trade capital of Bangladesh as well as second capital of Bangladesh. Largest sea port of Bangladesh is situated in Chittagong. Besides, Chittagong is also very popular for tourist due to trade and sea beach. Moreover, most of the tourist willing to visit Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach are also use Chittagong as a transit when they travel by road. As a result a lot of shopping mall and market has been constructed in Chittagong.

There are lot of popular markets and shopping malls in Chittagong. Some popular markets in Chittagong are Akteruzzaman Centre, Ameen Center, Apolo Shopping Complex, Central Plaza, Chawkview Shawvrta Super Market, Keari Plaza, Mimi Super Market, New Market , Sanmar, Shopping Complex, Singapore Bangkok Market, Zahur Hawker’s Market and many more. New Market is an old and popular market in Chittagong. Number of market and shopping mall in Chittagong is increasing day by day. Most of the market and shopping mall in Chittagong closed in Friday but many other markets are remained closed in another days.

Weekly Market Off Day Chart in Chittagong

Market ListWeekly Closed Day
Akteruzzaman CentreSunday
Ameen CenterSunday
Apolo Shopping ComplexSunday
Central PlazaFriday
Chawkview Shawvrta Super MarketFriday
Keari PlazaFriday
Mimi Super MarketSunday
New MarketFriday
Shopping ComplexFriday
Singapore Bangkok MarketSaturday
Zahur Hawker’s MarketFriday

We can not guarantee that the information is hundred percent accurate. So, it is better to cross check the actual information from other sources before visiting above markets.