Dhaka Metro Line 6 Fully Operational with Opening of Karwan Bazar and Shahbagh Stations

In a significant development for urban transportation in Dhaka, the final two stations of the Dhaka metro line 6 – Karwan Bazar and Shahbagh – commenced operations today. This marks the completion of the MRT-6, which now spans 16 stations, linking Diabari in the north to Motijheel in the south.

The Dhaka Mass Transit Company Ltd, which oversees the project, confirmed this milestone, signaling a new era in the city’s public transport system. The addition of these stations has been eagerly anticipated by commuters, offering them a more efficient and comfortable mode of transport across the capital.

Sharmin Rahman, who works in Banglamotor, expressed her relief at the new openings. “The addition of Karwan Bazar and Shahbagh stations has simplified my daily commute,” she shared. “Now, I can conveniently walk to my office from the station, avoiding the need to switch to different transport modes.”

The proactive measure taken by the Dhaka Mass Transit Company to enhance safety around the newly operational metro rail is commendable. The managing director, MAN Siddique, stated in a recent briefing that to ensure uninterrupted and safe metro rail operations, a precautionary measure has been implemented. A formal request has been sent to the commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, emphasizing the need to ban the flying of sky lanterns within a 1-kilometer radius of the metro rail, particularly on New Year’s Eve.

Dhaka Metro Rail Karwan Bazar Station Photo
Dhaka Metro Rail Karwan Bazar Station Photo

The metro service, which started its operations with the Dhaka University and Bijoy Sarani stations on 13 December, has progressively expanded. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the second phase of the Agargaon to Motijheel segment on 4 November, further extending the reach of this vital infrastructure.

The metro runs from Uttara to Motijheel daily, with additional early morning services for students and professionals. The MRT Pass and Rapid Pass holders have the privilege of traveling in these exclusive early morning trains.

This latest development is expected to significantly ease traffic congestion in Dhaka, offering a faster, safer, and more comfortable journey for its citizens.