Whom Do Not Need Movement Pass

Lockdown is going impose on all over the country due to corona infection. Strict restrictions have been imposed on work and movement. However, work is going on in banks, factories and hospitals. Emergency services are also open. Misunderstandings are also happening about who can get out and who can not.

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In this context, the police headquarters has informed who are the persons and institutions which are exempt from the restrictions. Movement passes are not required for their movement. You can come and go to work only by showing your identity card.

Those who are exempt from ongoing lockdown restrictions:

  1. Doctor
  2. Nurse
  3. Medical staff
  4. Individuals / staff involved in covid vaccination / treatment
  5. Banker
  6. Other staff of the bank
  7. Journalist
  8. Media cameraman
  9. Telephone / internet service worker
  10. Private security guards
  11. Officers / employees involved in emergency services
  12. Office-going government officials
  13. Workers / officers involved in the manufacture of factories / garments
  14. Member of the law enforcement force
  15. Fire service
  16. Postal service
  17. Individuals / officials involved in electricity, water, gas and fuel
  18. Port-concerned person / officer

The police personnel who will be on duty at the check post have been requested to brief the concerned police officers on the matter on an urgent basis. Today is the opening day of the ’emergency office’, so there will be a lot of traffic.