Bangladesh Government Holidays Calendar 2022

The list of public holidays for next year 2022 has been published. It said the government had decided that the holiday would be observed in 2022 in all government and semi-government offices and statutory, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies.

The circular states that an employee may be allowed to enjoy a total of three days of optional leave per year in accordance with his / her religion and each employee must obtain prior approval of the appropriate authority to enjoy three days of optional leave as per his / her religion at the beginning of the year. General leave, executive order may be allowed to enjoy optional leave in conjunction with public leave and weekly leave.

Offices, agencies and institutions whose schedules and holidays are regulated by their own laws or whose jobs have been declared as essential by the Government, the concerned offices, agencies and institutions shall declare such leave in the public interest in accordance with their own laws and regulations.

The general and executive orders of 2022 will have 22 days off. Of these, 14 will be general leave and eight days leave in executive order.

The Virtual Cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister on October 28 approved the holiday list for 2022.

After the cabinet meeting, Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam said that the general holiday on various national days is 14 days out of the public holidays of 2022. Of these, 3 days are again weekly holidays, two Fridays and one Saturday. That means 11 days. We can have fun but the holiday is 14 days.

The executive order will have eight days off for the Bengali New Year and various religious days. Of these, three days are weekly holidays.

There are also three days of optional leave religiously. Ethnic groups in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and beyond have a two-day optional holiday for social festivities.

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