Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Off Day and Shop List

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City is the largest shopping mall in South Asia. The Bashundhara City Shopping Mall building is a 21-storey building. Among them first 8 floor used as shopping mall and rest of the floor used as a corporate office of Bashundhara Group and different companies. Construction of the building began in 1997 and was opened to the public on August 7, 2004.

Bashundhara City Building
Bashundhara City 2022

There are around 2,500 shops in the shopping mall area. There is also a Food Court with a designated floor, a modern GYM, Theme Park, Cinemas with a children’s entertainment center on the upper floor. Completely air-conditioned with a garden on the roof, this shop floor is considered as one of the symbols of modernization of Dhaka city. Most of the shops open between 10 AM to 11 AM and close between 8.30 PM to 9 PM. But, during EID Session, shops remain open for longer period.

Bashundhara City Off Day and Open Time

Weekly Days and Open Hours

Weekly Off Day: Tuesday

Weekly Open Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Open Hour/Time: 9 AM to 9 PM

Address: 3 No Tejturi Bazar West, Panthapath, Dhaka 1215

Before Eid and in the month of Holy Ramadan, the market remain open for longer period and keep open every day in the week.

First 8 Floor – Shopping Mall Area

This first eight floor is mainly designated for shopping mall are although there are few other types in this area.

Leve-1 Multiple Stores

Level 1 is not assigned for a specific category only. Verities types of shop and stores are situated here. This floor contains watch outlet, mobile store and showroom, cloth outlets, mega shop, cosmetics shops and many more.

Leve-2 Cloth Stores

Level 2 is mainly assigned for brand cloth stores and males clothes. There are some sports wear shops in this floor. Besides, there are some stores in this shop that sells product of other categories also.

Leve-3 Cloth Stores

Level 3 is mainly focused on brand cloth stores and males clothing. Besides, there are some stores in this shop that sells product of different categories also.

Leve-4 Cloth Stores

Level 3 is mainly focused on brand cloth stores and ladies clothing and kids wear. There are many Sharee, three pics and hijab and other women’s cloth shop in this floor. Besides, few shop sells different products.

Bashundhara City inside
Bashundhara City Complex Inside View

Leve-5 Jewelry

Level 3 is mainly focused gold, diamond and other jewelry showrooms. Besides, women’s clothing , and other stores available in this floor.

Leve-6 Mobile and Gadget Stores

This floor is mainly focused on mobile outlet and gadget and mobile accessories shops and electronics showroom. Popular shop such as Samsung Smart Plaza, Sony Rangs, Realme, Jack N Gadget, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Huawei, iPhone etc. available in this floor. Toggie World situated combinedly in level 7 and 8.

Leve-7 Cloth and Shoe

Mainly brand stores are available in this store. Bata and Apex shoe store available in this floor.

Leve-8 Food Court, Theater

Level 8 is allocated to food court . Good number of food outlet available here that serves Deshi, Indian, Chinese, Thai and many more food and drinks. Cinemas theater Cineplex is also situated in this floor. Toggie World situated combinedly in level 8 and 9.

Bashundhara City Shop List

There are many popular outlets and branch situated in the shopping mall. List and address of some popular shop and outlet has given below.

Shop Name and Address

BasementMustafa MartBasement 1 & 2
Level 1YELLOWLevel 1, Block A, Shop: 56, 57, 58, 67, 68, 69
Level 1SaRa Lifestyle Level 1, Block A, Shop:40, 54-55 
Level 1AarongLevel 1 to 4, Block B
Level 1Gadget & GearLevel 1, Block B, Shop: 14
Level 1Time ZoneLevel 1 & Level 4
Level 2AnjansLevel 2, Block: D, Shop: 108
Level 2Le ReveLevel 2, Block A, Shop: 32, 33, 47
Level 2TrendzLevel 2,Block D, Shop: 114-115
Level 2Cats EyeLevel 2, Block A, Shop: 1-4,12-14
Level 2ILLIYEENLevel 2, Block A, Shop: 27/41/42 and 55/56/66/67
Level 4Style EchoLevel 4, Block C, Shop: 26 &, 26/A
Level 4Nibir FashionLevel 4, Block C, Shop: 75,76,86, 87
Level 4Jotey ShareeLevel 4, Block C, Shop: 48-49,
Level 4Islamic Apparel BDLevel 4, Block D, Shop: 85
Level 5Amin JewellersLevel 5, Block D, Shop: 9-11 & 20-22.
Level 5Venus JewelersLevel 5,Block D 
Level 5Diamond WorldLevel 5,Block A
Level 5Sumash TechLevel 5, Block D, Shop: 108,109,110,111
Level 5Rio international Level 5, Block A, Shop: 43-44
Level 6SAMSUNG Smart PlazaLevel 6, Block D, Shop 106-109
Level 6Sony Rangs CenterLevel 6, Block D, Shop: 106-107
Level 6Jack N GadgeLevel 6, Block D, Shop: 82, 95
Level 6Gadget & GearLevel 6, Block B
Level 7BataLevel 7, Block B
Level 7ApexLevel 7, Block D
Level 7SadakaloLevel 7, Block A, Shop: 98
Level 7AnjansLevel 7, Deshi Dosh
Level 7Kay KraftLevel 7, Block A , Shop: 13Ka
Level 7SailorLevel 7, Block A 
Level 7Splash BangladeshLevel 7, Block D
Level 7Infinity Mega MallLevel 7, Block C
Level 8Toggi World (Toggi Fan Club)Level 8 & 9
Level 8Star CineplexLevel 8, 13/3 Ka
Level 8The Food HallLevel 8
Level 8Food CourtLevel 8