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UGC’s decision to stop admission of students in 4 private universities including Asha, Stamford, Prime Asia, Victoria

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

Admission of students in 4 private universities including Asha, Stamford, Prime Asia, Victoria Decided to Postponed by UGC

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to stop the admission of students in four private universities of the country for not going to the permanent campus and not making the necessary efforts despite being given time. The universities are Stamford University Bangladesh, Asha University, Prime Asia University and Victoria University.

University Admission
University Admission

Professor Biswajit Chand, a member of the UGC, announced this decision in Prothom Alo today. He told Prothom Alo that the decision to stop admission of students in those universities will be effective from this month.

According to UGC sources, some decisions have been taken in the case of several other universities. Among these, students can be admitted to the permanent campus of any university but cannot be admitted to the temporary campus.

The establishment of private universities in the country has been allowed since 1992. Its objective was to increase access to higher education and discourage the migration of students abroad. So far 108 private universities have been approved in the country. Early adopters came forward to establish the university. This has led to the establishment of some private universities in the country, which have maintained the standard of education. However, after 2001 there was an increase in the trend of university recognition for political considerations, which is still going on. According to the concerned persons, several universities established with political considerations and business mentality have turned into charter selling institutions.

According to the law, universities must move to their own permanent campuses within seven years of establishment. But many universities are more than a century old. Although time has been given repeatedly to private universities to move to their own or permanent campuses, many universities have not gone completely to their own campuses. Some of them are partially gone. Most of the universities are located in the divisional cities including Dhaka.

Most universities do not want to move out of the city, fearing a shortage of students. Again, action is not taken against the universities for ‘various reasons’ even if they break the law. This time, UGC took a somewhat strict stance.

Source: Prothomalo News


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