Gold Price is Decreasing by 933 Taka Per Vori in Bangladesh

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

Gold Price is Decreasing in Bangladesh from Monday

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has decided to reduce the price of gold again in four days. This time the charge is reduced to 933 taka per vori. In this, the price of good quality, i.e. 22 carat gold, will be 82,348 taka per vori.

Jewelers Association announced this decision to reduce the price of gold through a press release on Sunday night. It is said that the price of ripe gold has decreased in the local market. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the price of gold in the standing on pricing and price monitoring meeting of the association. The new rates will be effective across the country from tomorrow, Monday, 19 September 2022.

Gold Price in Bangladesh

Last on September 15, the price of gold was reduced by Tk 1,283. In this, the price of 22 carat gold stands at 83,81 taka.

According to the decision of the jewelers association, from Monday, it will cost 82,348 taka to buy a 22 carat gold jewelery with hallmark. Apart from this, the price of hallmarked 21 carat gold bars is 78,615 taka, 18 carat is 67,418 taka and traditional gold bars are priced at 55,871 taka. However, the price of silver remains unchanged.

In the country’s market today till Sunday, 22 carat gold ornaments were sold at 83,281 taka per vori, 21 carat gold at 79,490 taka per vori , 18 carat gold at 68,118 taka per vori and traditional gold was sold at 56,454 taka per vori. From Monday, 22 carat gold bars have been reduced by Tk 933 per vori, 21 carats 875 taka per vori, 18 carats 700 taka per vori and traditional gold bars by Tk 583 per vori.

22 KARAT Gold7,250 BDT/GRAM82,348 BDT/Vori
21 KARAT Gold6,920 BDT/GRAM78,615 BDT/Vori
18 KARAT Gold5,930 BDT/GRAM67,418 BDT/Vori
New Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori and Gram
Source: BAJUS

Source: Prothom Alo News


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