Gold Price in Bangladesh Rose To 84,564 Taka, Maximum in History

Last Updated on September 18, 2022

Gold Price in Bangladesh Increased Once More in September 2022

The price of gold in the country’s market has been increased one more time. This time the price of gold is increasing by 1 thousand 283 taka. The price of good quality i.e. 22 carat gold will be 84 thousand 564 taka. This price is the highest in the history of the country. This new rate will be effective across the country from tomorrow Sunday.

Gold Price In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) announced the increase in prices in a press release on Saturday. They say that the price of matured gold has increased in the country’s bullion market. Last, on August 22, the price of gold was increased to a maximum of Tk 1,225. Earlier on August 7, BAJUS increased the price of gold by 1,983 taka. The price of gold reached 84 thousand 331 taka. That was the highest price of gold in the country’s history till yesterday.

The price will increase from tomorrow Sunday, it will take 84 thousand 564 taka to buy a 22 carat gold ornament. Apart from this, the price of hallmarked 21 carat gold bari will be 80 thousand 715 taka, 18 carat 69 thousand 168 taka and the price of traditional gold barri will stand at 57 thousand 387 taka. However, the price of silver remains unchanged.

In the country’s market till yesterday, 22 carat gold ornaments were sold at 83 thousand 281 taka, 21 carat 79 thousand 490, 18 carat 68 thousand 117 and traditional gold was sold at 56 thousand 220 taka. That means from Sunday, 22 carat gold will increase by 1 thousand 283 taka, 21 carat by 1 thousand 225, 18 carat by 1 thousand 51 and traditional method by 1 thousand 167 taka.

Meanwhile, the price of gold has increased in the domestic market, but there is a downward trend in the international market. Last August 22, Jewelers Association increased the price of gold in the country, then the price of gold per ounce (31.1034768 grams) in the world market was 1 thousand 735 US dollars. On the 1st of this month, that price dropped below $1,700. Last Friday, the price increased slightly to 1 thousand 717 dollars.

22 KARAT Gold7,250 BDT/GRAM84,564 BDT/Vori
21 KARAT Gold6,920 BDT/GRAM80,715 BDT/Vori
18 KARAT Gold5,930 BDT/GRAM69,168 BDT/Vori
Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori and Gram
Source: BAJUS 11 September 2022

In summarize, current price of 22 carat gold in Bangladesh is BDT 84,564.

Source: Based on Prothom Alo News

Gold Price is Decreasing in Bangladesh from Monday


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