Different Dollar Exchange Rate for Remittance, Outsourcing, Export in Bangladesh

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

Probashi Remittance Dollar Exchange Rate is 108 Taka But Outsourcing Income is 99 Taka

Dollar exchange rate in Bangladesh is changing frequently. As well as, dollar exchange rate offered to customers is varies from category to category. Most beneficial party by selling foreign currency is Probashi Remittance Earner. On the other hand freelancer outsourcing income USD conversion rate is not satisfactory to many ones.

US Dollar BDT Rate
Dollar Rate in Bangladesh

The information on the interbank dollar price published on Bangladesh Bank’s website shows that the purchase price of the dollar is 101 taka 67 paisa and the selling price is 106 taka 15 paisa. Both buying and selling price was 95 taka. Again, yesterday, the central bank sold 4.5 million dollars from the reserve at the price of 96 taka.

As a result, there has been confusion about what the official price of the dollar will be. Because, for so long, the interbank rate on the website of Bangladesh Bank was the official price of the dollar. The country’s economy is calculated by taking into account the official value of the dollar. Apart from this, foreign investors and affiliates also take this rate into account.

Expatriate Income (Probashi Remittance) Earners

The maximum price of 108 taka for expatriate income and get additional get 2.5% incentive. Some people are happy with the rate but few may expect more.

The cost of imports has increased

The top leaders of Association of Bankers Bangladesh (ABB) and Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers Association (BAFEDA), the organization of top executives of the bank, decided the maximum price of dollar in various transactions last Sunday. In this, the dollar price of export income is set at 99 taka and the maximum of expatriate income is 108 taka. As a result, the average cost of collecting dollars is 103 taka 50 paisa. In this case, importers are supposed to charge a maximum price of 104 taka 50 paisa per dollar.

However, importers have to pay up to 108 taka 78 paisa for every dollar in payment of import duty on Monday, which exceeded 110 taka yesterday.

Card Transaction and Student Filing Expenses Increased

The cost of each dollar in credit card and overseas education costs will be the selling price of the bank’s cash dollar. Banks have increased the price of the dollar in these two sectors since last Sunday. As a result, the cost of citizens as well as parents sent for higher education abroad has increased.

Meanwhile, banks are keeping the price of each dollar above 100 taka to send money for education expenses. Some banks are keeping it 107 taka.

Md Rahman make a credit card transaction on 14th September 2022 the a private bank charges around 106 taka for ache dollar.

Freelancers and Dollar Earning Professionals are Not Happy

Meanwhile, the banks are offering 108 taka only for expatriate income. In other incomes, the maximum price is 99 taka. As a result, freelancers and dollar-earning workers of various sectors have expressed their anger.

Source: Based on Prothom Alo News


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