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BPL 2023 Schedule Fixtures – Bangladesh Time

Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Bangladesh Premier League BPL Match Schedule 2023 in Bangladesh Time

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2023 cricket tournament will star from today 6th January 2023. First match will be occurred between Chattogram Challengers vs Sylhet Strikers in Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium at 2.00 PM. The match schedule and fixtures of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2023 cricket match has given below.

BLP T20 Match Schedule 2023 in Bangladesh Time
1st-Group Round

6 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Sylhet Strikers2.00 PMDhaka
6 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Rangpur Rider7.00 PMDhaka
7 JanuaryDhaka Dominators vs Khulna Tigers1.30 PMDhaka
7 JanuaryFortune Barishal vs Sylhet Strikers6.30 PMDhaka
9 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Sylhet Strikers1.30 PMDhaka
9 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Khulna Tigers6.30 PMDhaka
10 JanuaryFortune Barishal vs Rangpur Rider1.30 PMDhaka
10 JanuaryDhaka Dominators vs Sylhet Strikers6.30 PMDhaka
13 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Fortune Barishal2.00 PMChittagong
13 JanuaryKhulna Tigers vs Rangpur Riders7.00 PMChittagong
14 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Fortune Barishal,1.30 PMChittagong
14 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Dhaka Dominators6.30 PMChittagong
16 JanuaryDhaka Dominators vs Sylhet Strikers1.30 PMChittagong
16 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Comilla Victorians6.30 PMChittagong
17 JanuaryKhulna Tigers vs Rangpur Riders1.30 PMChittagong
17 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Sylhet Strikers6.30 PMChittagong
19 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Dhaka Dominators1.30 PMChittagong
19 JanuaryFortune Barishal vs Rangpur Riders6.30 PMChittagong
20 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Khulna Tigers2.00 PMChittagong
20 JanuaryDhaka Dominators vs Fortune Barishal7.00 PMChittagong
23 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Rangpur Riders,1.30 PMDhaka
23 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Dhaka Dominators6.30 PMDhaka
24 JanuaryFortune Barishal vs Sylhet Strikers1.30 PMDhaka
24 JanuaryKhulna Tigers vs Dhaka Dominators6.30 PMDhaka
27 JanuaryRangpur Riders vs Sylhet Strikers2.00 PMSylhet
27 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Fortune Barishal7.00 PMSylhet
28 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Khulna Tigers1.30 PMSylhet
28 JanuaryChattogram Challengers vs Sylhet Strikers6.30 PMSylhet
30 JanuaryDhaka Dominators vs Rangpur Riders1.30 PMSylhet
30 JanuaryKhulna Tigers vs Sylhet Strikers6.30 PMSylhet
31 JanuaryDhaka Dominators vs Fortune Barishal1.30 PMSylhet
31 JanuaryComilla Victorians vs Khulna Tigers6.30 PMSylhet
3 FebruaryFortune Barishal vs Khulna Tigers2.00 PMDhaka
3 FebruaryDhaka Dominators vs Rangpur Riders7.00 PMDhaka
4 FebruaryChattogram Challengers vs Comilla Victorians1.30 PMDhaka
4 FebruaryRangpur Riders vs Sylhet Strikers6.30 PMDhaka
7 FebruaryChattogram Challengers vs Dhaka Dominators1.30 PMDhaka
7 FebruaryComilla Victorians vs Fortune Barishal6.30 PMDhaka
8 FebruaryKhulna Tigers vs Sylhet Strikers1.30 PMDhaka
8 FebruaryRangpur Riders vs Chattogram Challengers6.30 PMDhaka
10 FebruaryComilla Victorians vs Rangpur Rider2.00 PMDhaka

BLP Schedule 2023 – Bangladesh Premier League

BPL 2023 Schedule Fixtures
BPL 2023 Schedule Fixtures

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