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Binimoy Money Transfer Service in Bangladesh with Registration Process

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Binimoy – IDTP Service Charge, Registration Process and User Manual

The money will go from Bkash to Rocket from next Monday, 13 November 2022. Transferring this money will cost Tk 5 per thousand for the customer and sending money from a Mobile Financial Service (MFS) to the Bank on a mobile phone like Bkash, Rocket will cost Tk 10 per thousand. Sending money from MFS to Payment Service Provider (PSP) will cost Tk 5 per thousand.

Binimoy - IDTP by Bangladesh Bank
Binimoy – IDTP by Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank has issued this instruction in a notification yesterday Thursday. It has been said that the Interoperable Digital Transaction Platform (IDTP) will be officially launched from next Sunday. The name of this service is ‘Binimoy’. Transactions can be made through this from Monday. It has been specified who has to pay how much fee for which service.

According to the notification, the receiving institution will pay 50 paisa to IDTP for any amount of transaction using the exchange. And sending from one bank to another through exchange will cost a maximum of 10 taka. There is no cost to send money from bank to PSP and MFS. However, PSPs and banks to which the money will go, they will have to pay a fee of 45 percent. And this fee will be paid by the organization from which the money will go.

If the money goes from the MFS to the bank, the customer will have to pay 10 rupees per thousand. When sending money from MFS to PSP and MFS, the customer has to pay 5 rupees for every thousand. In this case, the PSPs and MFSs to which the money will go, will have to pay the duty at the rate of 75 percent. And this fee will be paid by the organization from which the money will go.

Binimoy – IDTP Service Charge

Fees and Service Charges for transactions through Interoperable Digital Transaction Platform (IDTP)

Binimoy Service Fee by Bangladesh Bank
Binimoy Service Fee by Bangladesh Bank
Source: Bangladesh Bank

Binimoy Registration and Fund Transfer Process

Initially, three MFS operators bKash, Rocket and mCash, and one wallet Tallykhata are willing to join the IDTP platform along with ten banks, namely the state owend Sonali Bank, besides The City Bank, Islami Bank, Pubali Bank, Al Arafah Islami Bank, BRAC Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, UCBL, Eastern Bankand Midland Bank.

Binimoy registration process using Bkash app has given below.

Step-1: Find “Binimoy” option in more service option of bkash

Step 1

Step-2: Press OK if you agree with their Terms & Conditions.

Step 2

Step 3: Click on Register Now Button

Step 3

Step 4: Give your Email address and set a unique user name.
If some already has taken the user name it will show ” Something wen wrong“.
Then use a different username.

Step 4

Step 5: Now choose a password of 6 number and press submit.
If registration is done successfully the you will receive a congratulation message on the scree.

Step 4

Uses of Binimoy Service (User Manual)

Binimoy Bkash App Services
Binimoy Bkash App Services

Direct Pay: You can send money to other Binimoy Username using the Direct Pay option. You have to use 6 Numbers Binimoy Password to perform the task.

Request to Pay: You can request other User ID for pay you.

Request Notification: You can check Pending Request, Request History, My Request and Other form the option.

Change Password: You can change the password from View Profile option.


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