Dhaka University will Provide Part-Time Job Opportunities To Students

Last Updated on September 13, 2022

Part-Time Job Opportunities for Dhaka University Students

The University of Dhaka is one of the top public university in Bangladesh which has recently take initiatives to provide part time job opportunity to it’s students. Dhaka University is not only a reputed top university in Bangladesh, but also an historic and oldest university in the country which is located in the central of capital city Dhaka. Earlier, many students do part time jobs in different medium and organizations. But getting part time job opportunity with the aid of own university will be a great opportunity for them.

Part Time Jobs in Bangladesh
Part Time Jobs in Bangladesh

A ‘Student Promotion and Support Unit’ has been established at the Dhaka University Student-Teacher Center (TSC) to provide various part-time work opportunities during the holidays for students to gain real life experience and increase their efficiency and make them fit for the future life and corporate world. This information was informed on Monday in the notification signed by Rafiqul Islam, the deputy director of the university’s Public Relations Department

It said that this unit was established as part of the special measures taken by the university to make students employable at national and international level and to achieve various development targets.

This unit will work to create part-time employment opportunities for financially disadvantaged students in various institutions including Dhaka University as well as provide various job-oriented training. This unit will play a role in turning the students of Dhaka University into skilled, experienced and confident human resources in the competitive market of globalization by connecting with the real workplace and providing training. In this case, the concerned parties have been requested to provide necessary support to the students.

Professor of Business Administration Institute (IBA). Md. Rezaul Kabir has been appointed as advisor of ‘Student Promotion and Support Unit’.

Application Procedure:
Students can contact the advisor (e-mail: [email protected] and mobile: 01917737788) for detailed information and assistance.


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